Refreshments to Follow Ceremony
Guests are welcome to join our family and friends at Forest Lodge Shelter for light refreshments immediately following the ceremony. Please check the Events page for more details.
Mark & Lauren




Wedding Party

Erin Gatto

Matron of Honor

Erin is Lauren’s older sister, and a lover of any kind of board game. Erin looked over Lauren for most of her life--helping her to navigate the best high school teachers you’d want, and even what classes to take as an incoming freshman at UA. Erin has always been the protective big sister, and Lauren is forever grateful for all the times Erin’s thought about her first. Erin never hesitates to get those T-Swift tickets or to spend hours making Lauren a cross stitch. Lauren can’t wait to share another life moment with Erin as Lauren’s Matron of Honor.

Anthony Archual

Best Man

Anthony has always been there for his baby brother Mark. Even though they are nine years apart, they share many interests together including cooking, hiking, and making obscure pop culture references. Anthony has always encouraged Mark to take risks and be adventurous and we are very fortunate to have him as the best man in our wedding!

Heather Nasser

Maid of Honor

Heather and Lauren met in fourth grade when Lauren thought Heather’s wheelchair was the coolest thing in the world. Lauren asked Heather one day if she could push her wheelchair and they’ve been friends ever since. Their friendship has gone on for almost twenty years! Heather is like another sister to Lauren and Lauren is so grateful to have Heather’s witty one-liners and sarcastic humor in her life.

Christopher Archual


Christopher is Mark’s middle brother and he keeps life interesting in Lakewood with his ever changing interests and obsessions. Mark and Lauren adopted their cat, Penelope, after visiting the foster kittens Christopher and his wife, Ivana, raised in their home. Christopher’s great sense of humor encouraged Lauren to always be herself around his family.

Anna Crites


Lauren met Anna in high school and they were on the varsity tennis team together. Anna is Lauren’s favorite wild child, who was recently married herself! Anna is a friend that always makes time for the people she cares about, and will go out of her way to make sure you feel celebrated as her friend. Lauren stood beside Anna in June of 2020 on her big day, and Lauren can’t wait for Anna to do the same.

Tim Griffiths


Mark and Tim have been best friends since kindergarten when they shared some gummy bears after school. They have been through everything together, from little league baseball to college roommates. When they would go on a double date, their dates would realize that this was really just an excuse for Mark and Tim to hangout. More importantly, Tim is the reason Mark met Lauren, so I guess we all owe him one!

Rachel Brown


Rachel is Mark’s cousin and is also one of the funniest people Lauren knows. Lauren got to really know Rachel when they spent 26 hours together in a car on an Archual Family Vacation to Cape Cod, and she’s so grateful for that time. Rachel is the best listener and has supported Mark and Lauren from day one.

Sean McClain


Sean and Mark became fast friends during middle school while discussing video games in the school cafeteria. Along with their mutual friend, Tim, they have some great stories to tell, including an awesome trip to visit Tim in Toronto! Sean lives around the corner from Mark and they still enjoy getting together to catch up… and play video games.

Allison Schweinsberg


Lauren met Allison through Mark during their time in college. Allison is married to one of their groomsmen, Ethan, and Lauren has gotten to know her Lakewood neighbor pretty well since then! Allison is so easy to talk to, and the four of them never fail to find something interesting to do around Cleveland. Lauren is so happy they’ve had the chance to become friends, and is so thankful Allison is going to be standing by her side.

Ethan Schweinsberg


Mark and Ethan became friends while working at the same engineering company in downtown Akron during college. Not only was Ethan a fellow Computer Engineering student, but Mark also remembered Ethan for wearing a Tupac Shakur shirt to class that year - not a common sight in the world of Computer Engineering. Together they made it through college, and the Pittsburgh Tough Mudder, and are now neighbors in Lakewood.

Maddie Lanshe


Lauren met Maddie in grad school back in 2016. They were both new recruits to the Masters of Fine Arts program at Akron, both studying fiction. By chance, they ended up in the same class in Youngstown, and to this day, Lauren has never carpooled with anyone else. Maddie encourages Lauren to write and continues to be a great friend and the best editor!

Jack Wolfe


Mark and Jack met during their freshman year of college at Akron on a NASA Robotics Engineering team. Mark, Jack, and Ethan all worked together on their senior engineering projects where they (somehow) placed first amongst their peers. They have all remained friends through the years and now Mark and Jack work together at NASA Glenn Research Center.

Jennifer Wick