Refreshments to Follow Ceremony
Guests are welcome to join our family and friends at Forest Lodge Shelter for light refreshments immediately following the ceremony. Please check the Events page for more details.
Mark & Lauren




Mark and Lauren

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Our Story

How We Met
(Written by Lauren)

During Lauren’s senior year in college, there was an annual formal that Lauren’s sorority threw. It was basically a prom, but with alcohol. Lauren wanted to take someone really fun and enjoy her last year in her undergrad. She decided to ask her friend Tim Griffiths. Tim, unfortunately, had an internship in Alabama at the time, but he said, “I have the perfect date for you.” He gave Mark Lauren’s number and told them to go out on a date to see if there was any chemistry. The initial texts between Mark and Tim, and Lauren and Tim, are forever treasured by the couple who made sure to take screenshots of them all those years ago. Tim described Lauren as “like Taylor Swift, but not a piece of cardboard,” and started off describing Mark as, “Okay, you wanna know about my man Mark...” a man who “read poetry and worked at NASA.” They went to Lockview in Downtown Akron and ate grilled cheese sandwiches with goldfish on the side. They talked about school, and work, and ghosts. At the end of the night, when they were ready to say goodbye, Mark grabbed Lauren’s arm and said, “Well, see you later!” Lauren describes him running away so fast that she saw smoke. Little did anyone know what the blind date would turn into--Mark and Lauren getting married with Tim as their groomsman. Lauren asked Mark to formal not too long after their first date, and later that night at formal, they officially became a couple.

Proposal Story
(Written by Mark)

Mark was waiting for a snowy day to take Lauren to one of his favorite spots in Cuyahoga Valley National Park, the Ledges Trail, and on January 20th the weather was perfect. The trail was covered in fresh snow that morning making it a great day to get outside and enjoy the scenery. The Ledges Trail includes an overlook that gave Mark the perfect opportunity to pop the question. After taking in the view, Lauren turned around to see Mark holding her ring and couldn’t believe it! Lauren was raised by a geologist, so she knew to appreciate a good rock when she saw one. They rushed home to tell their family and friends and get ready for dinner that evening off the shores of Lake Erie. At dinner, Lauren described their view as a ‘snow globe’ with the view of downtown Cleveland highlighted by snow flurries. It was a perfect day!
We are excited to be celebrating our reception in the same park where Mark proposed! Hale Farm and Village is a short drive away from the Ledges trail head. Check it out if you have time!
Jennifer Wick